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At Ready Hands Home Care, we don’t just place independent contractors with clients for a fee. Our Home Care Aides are true, valued W-2 employees, for whom Ready Hands assumes all the legal obligations and risks of employment.

That’s an important difference from many other companies, who designate their staff as independent contractors to avoid paying payroll taxes. Such companies also deprive both workers and consumers of important protections, like workers compensation insurance and coverage in emergencies. The IRS says that consumers can direct only the result of the work done by independent contractors, not the means and methods of accomplishing the result. At Ready Hands, the “means and methods” are important to us. We want to monitor performance and supervise our staff, so that your needs and expectations are met.  Learn more about the risks of independent contractor companies here.


Values-oriented home-care companyCompanies that Hire W-2 Employees

Home Care Aides as ContractorsIndependent Contractor Companies

    • Company has complete control of employee methods & procedures.
    • Company assumes all the legal obligations—and risks–of employment.
    • Company withholds and pays payroll taxes.
    • Company provides workers compensation insurance.
    • Company is licensed by the Virginia Department of Health.

    • As independent contractors, workers cannot be supervised.
    • Workers and consumers lack numerous rights and protections.
    • Company does not withhold or pay payroll taxes.
    • Company does not provide workers compensation insurance.
    • Company escapes compliance with standards required by licensure.

At Ready Hands, our goal is the care of your loved ones, and we are very much involved in meeting that goal. Contact us today to learn more.