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It’s not easy caring for dementia, and I know there were days when Mother was not easy to be with or was uncooperative. Maggie is a delightful person and she worked hard to engage Mother in conversation and to make her more comfortable. She treated Mother with dignity and great compassion.
Client's Family, Fairfax VA

I could not have been more satisfied

Thank you for your services over the past five and a half years. I could not have been more satisfied with Ready Hands.
Client’s Family, Alexandria, VA
Thank you to everyone for caring for my parents and giving them dignity in the last years of their lives.
Client’s Family, Springfield, VA

Patience was a Godsend Angel

I feel Idrisa became family. He was very concerned about my father and even walked all the way to the hospital to make sure he was OK. He is a very kind man.
Client’s Family, Arlington VA
Patience was a Godsend Angel for the last four years. She is a wonderful person and excellent caregiver.
Client’s Family, Springfield VA

I feel Idrisa became family

I wish I had found your service earlier. I worked with another company and was not satisfied with their service. Your company was very responsive and very helpful to my father. I would highly recommend your company and service to anyone.
Client’s Family, Woodbridge VA
Cynthia exceeded any expectations we had as a caregiver. J. enjoyed her company and her great cooking!
Client’s Family, Arlington VA
Your office staff was always attentive to all our needs, particularly over the last few months as my mother’s care requirements changed regularly.
Client’s Family, Springfield VA

Cynthia exceeded any expectations we had

We all loved Kay and Mabinty.  They are wonderful people and my Mom appreciated their assistance very much.
Client's Family, Springfield VA
Every aide you sent to us was so compassionate, skilled and dedicated. I will never forget any of them, each with their own special inner glow and heart of gold. I feel so blessed to have met each one. Your agency is fantastic and saying that just doesn’t seem enough. I never had to worry—I knew my mother was being well taken care of!! I will always be grateful to you and your staff.
Client's Family, Alexandria VA
The people at Ready Hands consistently showed our father and our whole family that they cared about us during this time of crisis. With their help Dad is improving and back at home. Many thanks to the wonderful people at Ready Hands who helped us care for Dad during his long convalescence.
Client's Family, Arlington VA

We all loved Kay and Mabinty

Your service has been flexible, dependable and responsive to all my requests. Thank you for being there for us during a difficult transition. I will use your services again when I need someone to stay with Mother, and I will highly recommend you to other families with loved ones who have special needs.
Client's Family, Fairfax VA
[Maggie] was very trustworthy and was willing to help me with household chores as well as make meals for Mother, take her to appointments, and keep her company while I was at work. I knew Mother was in good hands with the caregivers that your service sent to our home.
Client's Family, Fairfax VA
When my husband became partially disabled with type II diabetes, a dementia problem, as well as a balance problem, I became his principal caretaker night and day. After a few months of constant care for my husband, I was not getting enough sleep to last through the day. As soon as we heard about Ready Hands, we were most impressed... They were so kind, efficient and thoughtful that they were really “ready hands” for us. I can’t recommend Ready Hands enough for others.
Client's Caregiver, Alexandria VA

Emile & Gladys are to be commended for love of their work

Your people are even more to rave about. They seem to love their work and carry out their duties both competently and enthusiastically… Both Emile and Gladys are to be commended for the love of their work, but most importantly the love they have for my Uncle. My Uncle is walking, something I never thought he was going to do. I am convinced that his lifespan has been extended by years because of the care he is receiving from your agency.
Client's Family, Manassas VA
The aides worked seamlessly with the hospital staff to ensure coverage of all aspects of his care, including diet, fluid restriction and pain relief. They were diligent in protecting him from falls ... The aides communicated with several of our family members every day and were a vital link in keeping each of us informed as to changes in our father’s condition in between our visits. [Ready Hands] responded quickly to all changes in scheduling and kept coverage going around the clock.
Client's Family, Arlington VA
Words cannot express how thankful I am... Sue saw how desperate I was for help and she said, ‘If I can’t find someone to work for you tonight I’ll do it myself.’ I just couldn’t believe my ears!!
Client's Family, Alexandria VA

I have never met kinder or more thoughtful people.

I should like to thank both of you for the effort that you made to keep my household running smoothly. It relieved me from additional worry feeling that we were in the care of your thoughtful and caring hands. Thank you. Marcia and Isatu were just so wonderful, thoughtful and caring and certainly lived up to your logo. Wishing you a year of good health and much happiness.
Client's Family, Manassas VA
Thank you for your letter and the kind words of comfort. Our family was fortunate to have found you (Ready Hands) when we did. You were able to meet our ever-changing home care needs almost immediately. I guess some things were just meant to be. It was a pleasure working with you and your wife. You were always a calming presence in our situation. Having someone in your profession commend our family’s handling of the situation meant a lot to me.
Client's Family, Woodbridge VA
I just want to thank you for being there for me during these many months while my mother was so sick. It was such a difficult time, but having you there to guide me – to help me take care of her – I appreciate it so, so much. You are a very special couple. The work that you do is amazing. You have been my guardian angels! Thank you for being so warm and caring and so reliable and professional. I couldn’t have made it through without you.
Client's Family, Fairfax VA

Mavis was exceptional!

My daughter and I were very impressed with the professionalism of both Isatu and Patience. Three ‘C’s': Care, Communication and Compassion were evident in their services. M.’s comfort and feelings were always considered. We were finally able to stop worrying about M’s welfare knowing that each day she would be safe in good hands–'Ready Hands'.
Client's Caregiver, Alexandria VA
I want to let you know how comforting it was to have Jennifer helping me during my recovery from surgery. As a nurse and someone who has trained nurses in the past, I can tell you that she gets ‘five stars’. She knew exactly how to help me. Her manner and competence were excellent. Thank you for sending such a wonderful aide.
Client, Manassas VA
I would like to thank you for the capable services of Ready Hands at a time when we needed more than one pair of hands. The Ready Hands companion who cared for my 90 year-old Aunt H. was gentle, patient, kind, knowledgeable, considerate and loving. She read to her, listened to her stories, accompanied her to meals, helped her dress and provided companionship. She was always prompt and reliable. She kept a running diary for us, so that we could exchange information and share H.’s activities and needs.
Client's Family, Arlington VA

Sosena is the VERY best!

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful service you have given my mother and me. No matter what happened, I knew I could rely upon you to help us. You have gone out of your way to make sure that her needs (and mine) were met, even when the weather was terrible, schedules were changed, or Mother was grumpy.
Client's Family, Fairfax VA
I just wanted to take a minute to compliment you on the fine service you provided Mrs. D. recently after her surgery. You obviously have caring companions who were very reassuring and helpful to Mrs. D., and she felt comfortable having them there.
Medical Professional, Manassas VA